Tribal Economic & Tax Reform Advocacy Alliance (TETRAA)

Mission Statement: Tribal Economic & Tax Reform Advocacy Alliance (“TETRAA”) is a coalition of American Indian tribal nations, intertribal Native organizations, Native-owned businesses, and their professional advocates dedicated to advocating for changes in federal law and regulations that interfere with Indian Country economic development. 

Purpose: TETRAA is focused on four primary objectives:

  1. Respecting Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights to Free Tribal Economies

  2. Reforming federal Tax Laws to Restore “Indians Not Taxed” Status

  3. Promoting Native Entrepreneurship and Business Development

  4. Supporting Research in support of Tribal Economic Growth and Tax Reform

Policy Agenda: TETRAA intends to advocate on multiple fronts to pursue Federal legal and regulatory reform with the federal legislative and executive branches—


Support legislation to change existing law to provide tax relief to Indians and Indian-owned businesses, and tax parity in the tax treatment of tribal governments. Our policy goal is to promote Entrepreneurship, Tribal Wealth Preservation, and Indian Trader Protection. 

Current legislative priorities:

“Indians Not Taxed Act”

S. 5048, “Native American Tax Parity and Relief Act of 2022” (introduced 117th Congress

H.R. 4054, “Tribal Tax and Investment Reform Act of 2021” (introduced 117th Congress) 

Treasury Department

Support the Office of Tribal and Native Affairs

Support the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee

Monitor the Internal Revenue Service

Interior Department

Deputy Assistant Secretary – Policy & Economic Development

BIA Office of Indian Economic Development

Indian Trader Regulations reform


Office of Indian Economic Development

Indian Country Economic Enhancement Act of 2020 Implementation (joint Treasury, DOI, DOC reports)

Indian Tribal Regulatory Reform and Business Development Act of 2000 & Native American Business Development, Trade Promotion and Tourism Act of 2000 Implementation

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Center for Indian Country Development

Small Business Administration

Government Accountability Office

Intertribal Organizations

NCAI Tax & Economic Development Task Force



How Can I Participate in TETRAA?

          Currently, TETRAA conducts a bi-weekly call to discuss and coordinate engagement strategy. 

Contact Information to Sign Up for TETRAA

          Henry Cagey, Lummi Nation Council, at

          Robert Odawi Porter, at